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Gender MALE
Occupation Night Auditor
Location St Louis Park, Minnesota, United States
Introduction I am a National Master at chess and a member of Mensa. I am a global warming and biological weapons internet activist. Soon we can expect both abrupt climate change and a bioterrorist pandemic. This is an outrageous and preposterous claim, but read my blog for convincing evidence (blog started August 23, 2007). The genomic revolution is pushing biotechnology into an explosive growth phase. The Tree of Life is dual-use for good or evil. The good news is that we can engineer an organism that will remove the CO2 from the air, thereby saving billions of lives and trillions of dollars. The bad news is that individuals can now construct highly contagious extremely lethal virus, and start bioterrorist pandemics, thereby costing billions of lives and trillions of dollars. By the way, my lead photo is of methane hydrate on fire. There is more carbon in methane trapped in hydrate than in oil, natural gas, and coal put together. Unfortunately, the hydrate ice needs only to melt to release the methane (CH4) into the air. By comparison, oil, natural gas, and coal have to be burned to emit CO2 into the air.
Interests Reading Google news, Doberman Pinchers, martial arts, chess, and go.
Favorite Movies 300, The Matrix trilogy, Kill Bill 1 & 2, the Terminator trilogy, An Inconvenient Truth, any movie that's new on HBO, Showtime, Max, or Stars on the weekends.
Favorite Music Classical.
Favorite Books The Revenge of Gaia, The Harry Potter series, the Mech Warrior series, the Destroyer series, Demon in the Freezer, the Mars series, any science fiction book.