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Location New Jersey, United States
Introduction Fashion is a beautiful thing. More than that, it's the only way of communication that does not require a single move of a muscle. My mom and I always run to grab a window seat at a restaurant for we both agree that one of the most interesting activities to pursue is people watching. May they be hipster teens, old ladies in high waisted floral capris, or business men on their blackberries, they are showing the world how they view themselves, how they think others view them, and how they want to be viewed. Some people say they don't care how people think of them, but by involving that idea into their wardrobe, they are exhibiting their true desires to show the world who they are. Everyone wears their personality inside and out and there is simply no getting around it.
Interests Shopping, ebaying (is that even a verb??), scavenging for discount designer clothes (mostly HANDBAGSSS!), thrift shopping, consignment store shopping, boots, nailpolish (dark and shiny pleasee!), bags (!!), UO, NYC, statement accessories, FASHION!