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Industry Consulting
Occupation Writer
Location Denver, Colorado, United States
Introduction I am a Latina, born in Texas in a family of 10. I have done seminars in several states. I have been to many countries, been to the Holy Land, been baptised in the River Jordan.I have experienced many miracles,seen an angel twice,the same one in 2 different states. My dream? To speak to groups about things that I have experienced to give people hope, and assure them that they are much more than they think,to open windows in their minds so they can see, and realize that all they see is not all there is. I want to pass on what was done for me which finally awakened me to the realization of who and what I was. It changed my life, because words are power. I want to pay that forward. I have done this in several states, though not in Colorado. I will go anywhere to do this. I am hoping to do this in Denver soon. Just email me and we will talk. If I can touch just one person, I will feel I have done what I am here to do. What I am here to do, to help you find out why you are here,what your life's work is supposed to be so you can be 'satisfied', not just happy, which is temporary. To help you find your 'Super Other Self'.
Interests Writings: My Life of Miracles', Hope in the Wilderness, You Must be Like a Child To Enter, Your Super Other Self, Living Ark of The Covenant
Favorite Movies Too many to mention
Favorite Music Classical, Salsa, Mariachi, Blues, Rock
Favorite Books Too many to mention, since I read more than 300 books a year.