Bill Brundage, Jr.

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Marketing
Occupation Self Employed
Location Louisville, KY, United States
Introduction Grew up in the 60's, community college, member of SDS and ACLU, lost my student deferment due to lack of interest & poor grades. Spent 2yrs (on special assignment with Uncle Sam) drafted into the Army Vietnam Era Veteran (never left the country) Returned home. Married 35yrs to HS sweetheart graduated U/L Business. Opened my own business in 1982. Proudly working for six employees. Presently spending time volunteering at Ft. Knox Zussman Center. Have spent 15yrs doing Junior Achievement in the classrooms. Every1Read for the past 3 years. Somewhere along the line became conservative (matured) in my thinking.
Interests Reading, History, Gardening Long Distance Running (jogging to be truthful)
Favorite Books Anything on Founding Fathers, Truman by McCullough, A Bright Shinning Lie by Sheehan/Halbestrom, A Soldiers Report by Westmoreland, Triumph Forsaken by Mark Moyar, Stolen Honor by B.G. Burkett, They Marched into Sunlight by Maranis, Vietnam a Retrospective by McNamara