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Industry Arts
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction I'm a 22 year old Musician/Guitar player, born and raised in Chicago Illinois. I'm currently in LA trying to get my career started while dealing with my early 20's libido and my morals which make situations difficult sometimes. So far venting on here has been really helpful.
Interests Music, Guitar, Foreign Culture, Zen Buddhism, Computers, Technology, Good Beer, Enjoying my life.
Favorite Movies Re-Animator, Falling down, Shawn of the dead, Boondock Saints, Grindhouse, American History X, Sin City, Road Trip, PCU, Half Baked, Dream Catcher, Alot of Arnold movies such as: Raw Deal, True Lies, Eraser, Pumping Iron.... Thats all i can think of right now.
Favorite Music Metal, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, and a bunch of other stuff. GOJIRA, Greg Howe, Meshuggah, Anathema, Allen Holdsworth, Anata, Air, Behemoth, Belphagor, Blackfield, Bloodbath, Brand New, Brecker Brothers, Carcass, Chick Corea, Coldplay, Darkane, Decapitated, Depeche Mode, Dredg, Eric Johnson, Fear Factory, Satriani, John Mayer/Trio, Scofield, Jordon Rudess, Jungle Rot, Katatonia, Killswitch Engage, King Crimson, Rosenwinkel, Mahavishnu Orchestra, 'tallica, MSI, Mnemic, Morbid Angel, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Opeth, Orgy, Ours, Paradise Lost, Porcupine Tree, Raunchy, Rpwl, Scott Henderson/Tribal Tech, Soulive, Mr. Vai, SRV, SYL, Tiamat, Tim Miller Trio, Type O Negative. Good enough? huh? Films
Favorite Books I wish I had more time to read, I will make more time.... until then this will be a rather sad section.

If your whole body were a hot air balloon, would you stop eating spicy food?

Been there, done that.