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Gender Male
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Lazied
Location Chi Boogie, Obama Land, United States
Introduction Have had four careers - of which I promised would never define me - but by admitting them I AM so defined. 1. Systems Analyst and designer - I was really pretty good at this until I burned out at the CBOE. 2. Executive Recruiter - also was the CEO which proved to be my downfall - power trip and all. 3. Houseboy - I truly do care for caring for my wife, she's cared for me for so long. 4. Lastly, most recently, but I hope not finally - I am THE grandpa - to seven of my childrens children. Love em'all.
Interests I like to write (sort of like Peter Sellers saying "I like to watch") and am about as impotent as he!
Favorite Movies wow This is so difficult - you know it is. FOR NOW I will fall back onto "Big" and "The Killing Fields". I'll list more later, but I think I fall into that category of "oh well, everybody liked that one" as in, "It Happened One Night"
Favorite Music John - Imagine, Eagles - Hotel California, Mark Knopfler - Telegraph Road, Cry Baby and Move Over - Janis, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan
Favorite Books Hamlet - hands down;done;over o.k., - Life in the Time of Cholera, and a little one called "To Kill A Mockingbird"

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