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Occupation Veterinary Healthcare Professional
Location Virginia, United States
Introduction I have been a veterinary assistant, technician, manager since I was in my 20's. I also share my life with 3 Cornish Rex cats and a Sphynx cat named Disco NoFurNo. They force me get up in the morning. They make me sleep in on the weekends. I lost my soulmate, Mike, on February 22, 2007. I have lost my assumptive future, not that the future will be bad, it will just not be what I thought it was going to be. He adored me, shared my goals, made a formerly happy single woman into a very happy married woman. Mike passed physically, but spiritually, he will be with me always. I once lived with an outdoor instructor, have rock climbed, snow camped and hunted mushrooms. I have not sold my skis, but have to tell you that they have not seen the light of day in about 20 years. Lived in California, Oregon, Alabama and currently Virginia. Traveled to Portugal once and England many times. I love exotic foods as well as All-American fare. I am sad, I am happy, I am lucky, I am unlucky. I had a good life before I met Mike; I had an enviable life with him; I hope to have a happy future and know that friends can help me realize that goal.
Interests My life revolves around cats: their health, their personalities, their people. I love ending each day knowing I helped someone take better care of their cat.
Favorite Movies Bennie & Joon or ANYTHING with Depp in it; Harold & Maude; The Commitments; Sleeper; Koyaanisqatsi; all the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies or ANYTHING with Harrison Ford in it; To Kill a Mockingbird; A Christmas Story; Out of Africa or ANYTHING with Meryl Streep in it; Whale Rider; Easy Rider or almost anything with Jack Nicholson in it; Rocky Horror or ANYTHING I can sing along to, including The Little Mermaid.
Favorite Music Vintage Rock (like me); Neil Young, CSNY alone and together; Jackson Browne; Steve Forbert; Liquid Soul; Oakenfold; The Who; Bob Dylan; Ani Defranco; Eric Clapton; Cheryl Wheeler; Jimmy Buffett; most any reggae; some classical--like wine, I know what I like even if I don't remember the name; old school country; Metal is a genre I haven't explored...it would make me tense and I can't seem to relax as it is.
Favorite Books When I dream..I have time to read. I love being read to. When I do find time to read, it's short stuff like The New Yorker...

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

In my backyard...