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Location Albany, Oregon, United States
Introduction First and foremost, I am the mom of four kids. I've had a baby about every four years whether I needed to or not...there are pros and cons to this spacing, but it works for us. In my spare time (yeah, right!) I like to read, go for walks with my husband, and occasionally come across a craft that interests me momentarily. For money, (granted, very little money, but still...) I teach group fitness classes. I currently teach Muscle Tech, Cardio Dash, Hooping it Up (parent child hula hoops,) and Hoop Fitness for adults. I've also fallen into creating special hoops for others and doing an occasional birthday hoop party. Hey, I'm a pretty fun mom, but if you ask my teenager, he'll just say that I'm a freak. "Normal moms just don't carry around a hula hoop!"