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Occupation Not getting kicked off the island.
Introduction I'm too overwhelmed to know who I am, let alone introduce myself. Fertility warrior now on the Other Side. Struggling. Law, I am struggling. I have a second grader diagnosed with ADHD and Oppostional Defiance Disorder. Don't mind the ADHD, but the ODD is pulling us apart at the seams. Good news is my family thinks this is due to me being a Crap Parent as I try to practice Gentle Parenting. I have a preschooler from donor eggs. Little man only knows he is from a "special egg" but thinks this is linked to being an alien. And thrilled by it all, but doesn't get it. DE preschooler has a brother with another mother. We donated our remaining embryos to a delightful recipient family. I thought I'd sign the papers and never look back but instead the mom opened my heart and we have a relationship. My guy doesn't know about the extended family yet. Rocco my husband works to get his head around it every once in a while. Then, don't ask me how, I got pregnant with my current 2 year old from icky old fashioned sex. I dabble in yoga, meditation, gardening and challenging fellow Catholics.