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Occupation Salon Owner /Jewelry Designer
Location Heath, Ohio, United States
Introduction I have been a hairstylist for 30 years and a Salon Owner since 1989..after renting and owning a few salons over the years..I sold my last one when I found out I was expecting a surprise miracle baby! I stayed home for a year with little Carter boy and during that year we built a new house with a small building for my salon beside it. Now I am back to work part time doing hair..and part time making jewelry. This has been my dream for a long time..follow me in this blog to see what happens :) About my jewelry~ I guess I got my diverse taste of jewelry from the women who influenced my life. One of my grandma's was my "city grandma" she loved flashy and bold jewelry. The other was my "country grandma" I never saw her in anything but a simple and classic strand of pearls. My mom loved very dainty jewerly, so that is why I don't make just one style of jewelry...I love it all! I was lucky to have these women in my life as long as I did..but it was not long enough..I guess it never is...I miss them everyday.