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Occupation Loving the Retired Life
Location Metro Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Introduction Welcome to my art blog. I am attracted to a very diverse mixture of arts and crafts and enjoy working and playing in all of them. Creating things has always been a part of my life, sometimes more so than others, of course. And it has taken many forms - crochet, cross stitch, photography, painting, rubber stamping, bookmaking, beading and polymer clay. I remember as a child, one my biggest thrills was getting that new box of crayons and a coloring book. Those crayons were the most beautiful things to me. And I lusted after the giant, 64 count box - didn't you? And when I played with paper dolls (remember those?), I didn't play with them like other girls, instead I used them as mannikins for dress designs. Art allows me to fly. I do occasionally sell my work but I create it for the sake of creating, for the joy of the process, and for the fulfillment of letting my hands translate my mind's vision into something that others can see and touch. If others ask to buy it, fine, I might sell it (and I might not). But I create for the sheer pleasure of creating.
Interests Painting, beading, paper arts, rubber stamping, polymer clay, bookmaking, photography