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Occupation Programmer + artist and writer in the free times
Location Portugal
Introduction Anilyan | 23 years | Portugal | They/them pronouns I’m a computer engineer, an artist, writer and blogger in my free times. Also an intersectional feminist (meaning I care about how different oppressions intersect and combine) specialized in the lgbt+ community and representation. I live for projects I believe in. Always busy, INFJ (so, an introvert), otaku, nerd, geek, multishipper. I love books and mangas, but also animation and gaming. I would also like to learn completely random hobbies like how to play piano and parkour. I'm also a multishipper at heart.
Interests drawing, intersectional activism, reading, gaming, fantasy, studyblr, bullet journal, writing, yoga, home decor, fandom stuff...
Favorite Movies Coco, Zooopia, Black panther, Desert flower. As animation series, Dragon Prince, She-Ra, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Houseki no Kuni. For series, Da Vinci Demons, Gentleman Jack, Anne with an E, His Dark Materials, Critical Role, Arcane.
Favorite Books The Realm of the Elderlings series, The Name of the Wind, No.6 manga and novels, Kafka on the shore, Akatsuki no Yona manga, Wheel of Time, Vanitas no Carte + Pandora Hearts manga, Shimanami Tasogare manga, anything from MXTX (mostly Mo Dao Zu Shi)