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Occupation Accountant
Location Australia, NSW
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Introduction Tahera was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She finished her primary education in Kabul and higher education in Mazar-i-Sharif Afghanistan. Tahera received her first Advance Diploma in accounting in Australia and is now undertaking her Bachelor of Business and Commerce at University of Western Sydney in Australia. Tahera has completed a number of training courses; including Career Development training in Australia, Assertiveness in London, Team Leading & Management in Scotland, Report writing & report Officer Workshop in London, Tools & Procedures for Effective Development- DFID-Kabul, Geographical Information System (GIS), and Program Manager System courses in Islamabad. Tahera has 15 years of working experience. She started her career with MSF-Belguim & Holland, then, UNICEF-Islamabad, DFID Kabul, Office of Fair Trading, Root Project Australia, Lindsay Taylor Lawyers and Sargent Security in Australia.
Interests I have a number of different hobbies that many of you might find interesting.I happen to love reading about Afghanistan. Of course, who would not expect a prospective Afghan girl to love reading about her country. However, I like a bit of all types of topics. For instance, reading how women feel in Afghanistan & how people manage their lives for less than a dollar in a day.Recently, I discovered that I enjoy writing as well, I know it’s different than my qualification, but this is the only thing which gives me opportunity to write about my country. I believe I am not a good writer because I am an accountant, but I have the patient & potential to be a good writer like most of you. If rather my eclectic reading & writing habits were not enough for you, I also enjoy different range of music. I like to listen to Indian and English romantic musics. BUT, there's just nothing like Afghan legend, Ahmad Zahir. Finally, my movie interest also ranges the spectrum of possible choices. I love movies from a host of different types: action, horror, & comedy, but also admire old black-and-white movies that so many people can't seem to stomach nowadays.I especially like those old classic films like Mughal Azam, Laili Majnon & Shenin Farhad.You might wonder how Tahera got so many different hobbies & interest! Well, to be completely frank, it is my goal to learn bits & pieces from different topic as much as possible. I believes, a well-educated person, should not limit her/him self into one qualification, rather, a well-educated person should have to be thirsty for knowledge that never seems to be sated. We should enjoy each day of our lives to the fullest, never forgetting to stop & take a moment to think where we came from, and the reality which surrounds us. Yes, the reality of our people who are dying for different reasons, but none of us are able to help them.anyway, hope you've enjoyed my brief biography. But remember, I never promised that I was a stunningly exciting chick!
Favorite Movies Blood Dimond, Double team, die hard, King Aurthor, face off
Favorite Music Piano, Voilon
Favorite Books Great thoughts, 100 ways to dance with life, How to get what you want, Success, Masterful Personality, Secret of Achievement, Do it to a finish, Rewrite your life, you can heal your life, the power is with in you, heart thoughts, heal your body, Empowering women, Loving thoughts for a prefect day