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Introduction I'm all about A Process of some kind. I turned 40 this year and all of a sudden it isn't as important to me what others think of me. Yet, I'm still troubled by writing this so that it comes across interesting, humorous and honest. One out of three isn't bad. I'll let you pick which. I'm a working Mom who attempts to raise two self assured, loving boys with a smile on her face. The oldest is currently 5 (May 02) and the youngest is 2 (Sept 05). I juggle as much as the next mom but can't imagine it any other way. DH and I have recently celebrated 8 years of marriage (6/99). I'm who you think I am. Well, I've spent many years trying to be. This blog is another step in finding out who I think I am. I'm new at this and still hope you approve. I actually posted a picture of me that I like. It's from a time when I was much younger, healthier and more fit but it's still me. I'm working toward that young at heart self. It's A Process. I love a process.