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Location Spokane, WA, United States
Introduction Something about me...Mother of a 3 year old who is on a daily basis cracking me up. Half the stuff he says I am trying so hard to keep a straight face, and he loves to be naked...anywhere. Enough about my funny son, something about me. I started to sew when I was little, my dear old mother taught me, and I just took to it like a duck in water. Though sewing is a great stress reliever, I recently started writing a couple of Novels. I have two YA novels which are...dare I say...about vampires. (BUT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THEN THE EVER POPULAR TWILIGHT SERIES) Also to add to the list I have completed 2 Romance/Chic-Lit novels. I am trying to get them published, but as I found out...not so easy. (Fingers crossed!)
Interests Writing, jogging, gardening, (not baking! ugh)Helping people with their projects or problems - research
Favorite Movies I love Jane Austin movies - hard reads for me but I love the twists and how proper everyone had to be back not the case these days.
Favorite Music I love tunes with a beat. My family teases me about my music, says I love the "pot-smokers tunes" but without the pot...LOL
Favorite Books I have to admit, I love to read teen and young adult books. I would rather read about the simplicity of life rather then people who have to pay bills, work deal with co-workers...I dealt with that already so I really would rather step into a world where there is nothing similar to my life.

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

When did running stop being fun?