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Gender Male
Occupation Education: B.E (Elect), M.A. (Socio), Policy-Advocacy, Inter-Disciplinary Guidance to Activists, Writing, Lecturing (Ex : Productivity & Costing Consultant to Labor Unions, Engineering Education)
Location Pune, Maharashtra, India
Introduction My published literature is mainly in Marathi. However lot many non-Marathi & even Marathi friends, appreciators & critics seem to prefer English. I have not written in forms required by Academic Journals. I intend to keep myself as less esoteric as possible. Therefore I have opted for blog-medium (one in Marathi & the other in English) This would facilitate re-publishing my articles which did not get included in my books & also my books which don’t have sufficient demand for print edition. Insightful bits & pieces that occur to me & topical comments also can come in blog form. I have no hesitation in sharing my half baked works to get preliminary feed back. I will also suggest select recommended readings for those who are further curious & inquiring in the related matters.
Interests 1) Integrating one’s own thought system & value system with due modifications 2) Philosophy: Continental, Marxian, Frankfurt, Left-Libertarian, Indian Spirituology 3) Humanities: Economics, Politics, Ideology-Critique, Psychology 4) Critical of Identity Politics & Post-Modernist Subversivism & Relativism 5) Arts: Music composing & Musicology (Uttar Hindustani RaagSangeet), Humor 6) Methods of creative & critical thinking & increasing Clarity in general 7) All advancements that are taking place in various fields should be seen with cautious optimism & constructive solutions