Mary M.

About me

Introduction I don't have a husband, kids, or even a dog about which to write. I'm originally from North Carolina, though I now live in Boston. While I love this city, I think I'll probably always feel kind of like a visitor, with my nose up against the fishbowl. Most of the time I let the South defend itself, though I've surprised myself with hotheaded homeland pride before. I tend to catch myself by surprise most of the time when it comes to the ways in which I'm traditionally Southern (no stars and bars here, folks, though my grandparents do still (half)jokingly refer to the Northeast as Yankeeland). My boyfriend, Ben, charms me with both his geekery and his big old heart. I'm a graduate student in a fiction writing MFA program, which, since we all know it's not the most lucrative career option, must mean I really want to write. I'm interested in the psychology of human behavior, especially that in relationships; I'm also interested in the truth. I love triathlons, bourbon, big dogs, high heels, short stories, and action movies.