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Location New Zealand
Introduction I’m Anne, writing as AnneE. I’ve been thinking and writing about gender generally and those commonly referred to as ‘women’ in particular since the late 1960s, but I really got going in 1972 when I was one of the group who founded Broadsheet magazine. Being adopted has been one driver for me, and so has writing itself. I’m interested in the history of how humans make sense of the world, especially how they have created explanations which justify subjugating “other” people in so many complex ways. I do my best to write about this as accessibly and engagingly as possible. My 2006 PhD thesis is about coming to writing and to feminism, available online from VUW. I am immensely heartened by all the passionate good sense I’m hearing from so many younger feminists. My latest (e)book is a feminist-flavoured food memoir, The Colour of Food, published June 2013 by Awa Press as their first original e-book and currently ranking No.1 in Kindle food memoirs. Partnered for 30 years by a lovely poet, gardener and educator who died early on Christmas Day 2010.