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Gender MALE
Location Palatine, IL, United States
Introduction I'm your token Communist Eastern European friend with radiation poisoning. I like meat and potatoes, but not as much as water. Some people think they can outsmart me.. maybe *sniff* maybe.. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart boolet.
Interests Anthropology, Archaeology, Philosophy, Languages, Linguistics, Ancient History, The Truth, Bloggin, RPG, Collecting Shot Glasses, Anime, Webcomics, Warhammer 40, 000 Geocaching, Trolling, Masticating, Doing Backflips, Having to Sit Sideways, Reading on the toilet, League of Legends, Watching Bad Movies, Martial arts, Casual Paintball, Gaming, Dr. Pepper
Favorite Movies Hellboy, District 9, Inglorious Basterds, Donnie Darko, V for Vendetta, Forrest Gump, The Last Unicorn, Saw, How To Train Your Dragon, Watchmen, Iron Man, Harry Potter Series, Zeitgeist, The Punisher, Avatar, Borat, Stranger than Fiction, Dinner for Schmucks, BASEketball, Run Fatboy Run, Hot Fuzz, A Beautiful Mind, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Red Violin, Princess Mononoke, Pan's Labyrinth, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Detroit Rock City, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Avatar
Favorite Music Whitesnake, David Coverdale, Rainbow, Scorpions, Queen, Def Leppard, Billy Joel, Blackmore's Night, Styx, Boney M, MANOWAR, Hammerfall, Rhapsody of Fire, Aerosmith, Journey, AC/DC, In Extremo, Corvus Corax, Mago De Oz, Bond, America, System of a Down, Rammstein, Enya, Gorillaz, Natalie MacMaster, Crusader, бtр, Ахат, Bagpipes, Qntal, Violin, Organ, Symphonic metal, Power metal, Black metal, Disco, Twenty Minute Mile, Classical music, Folk metal, Corkey Buchek
Favorite Books R. A. Salvatore, Drizzt Do'Urden, Discworld, Terry Pratchet, Harry Potter, Riftwar Saga, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Thud!, Small Gods, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf, Angels and Demons, The Little Prince, Horus Heresy, The Historian