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Gender Male
Occupation Alternative Journalist/Researcher
Location United States
Introduction Independent Investigative Journalist Targeted For Organized Stalking & An Ongoing FBI COINTELPRO STING OPERATION/SMEAR CAMPAIGN -- This author's been used as a target of MK-Ultra non consensual human experimentation for decades via the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network - a covert domestic spy program which uses brain scanners deployed via signals intelligence satellites & HAARP over the horizon radar to remotely scan the brainwaves of any American citizen. This SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network's an outgrowth of Pentagon/CIA MIND and TAMI (MK-Ultra) "mind control" programs, which use EEG Heterodyning technology to synchronize AI computers with the unique EMF brainwave print of each American citizen, thus turning the EM spectrum into an invisible prison. This technology enables the NSA to brand us like heads of cattle. Google: AKWEI VS NSA & PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER by Dr. Robert Duncan to learn more about this Orwellian attack on the American people's Constitutional rights.
Interests Primary Interests: The Paranomal, UFOlogy & EBE's, The True History Of The Human Race, Government Crimes Including The Inside Job That The Attacks On 9-11 Were As Well As Others Perpetrated By The US Intelligence Community - MK-Ultra, Operations Paperclip, Mockingbird, Bluebird & Myriad Others;The Federal Reserve Bank/IRS Fraud Etc. Researching The US Government's Involvement In The Creation Of Biological Weapons Because I Was Infected With One (Lyme Disease) In 1993 That Has Destroyed My Health. Secondary Interests: Vegetarianism - If you are an animal lover how can you eat animal flesh?, Journalism, Music, Photography, Sailing, Motorcycles, Art, Fishkeeping, Aquascaping
Favorite Movies Gandhi; The Late Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism -- A Documentary Every American Should See To Learn Of The United States Congresses Deception Of The American People Through The Illegal Creation Of The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS -- A Congress Authorized Counterfeiter & Its Collection Bagman
Favorite Music Classical, Jazz, Classic Rock, Opera
Favorite Books Dr. Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicle's Series;Robert A. Monroe's Books On Astral Travel; The Fraudulent War On Terror By Richard Behan; Murder By Injection By Eustace Mullins; Secrets Of The Federal Reserve By Eustace Mullins; World Without Cancer By G. Edward Griffin; Final Warning- The History Of The Illuminati By David Rivera; Dr. Karla Turner's Books On Alien Abduction Which Were Likely Government Abductions Using The Alien MO; Katarina Wilson's The Alien Jigsaw; Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar -- any writings which expose the Illuminati's perversion of political & religious doctrines to manipulate society; Rothschild Zionism & Its Global War Profiteering & Counterfeiting/Laundering Operations.