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Introduction Welcome web friends! I've been knitting for many years but I guess all addictions need to be fed - so I'm on a quest to dig deeper. I'm learning about all the mysterious processes that magically transform organic fibres into the wonderful skeins that keep us inspired and perpetually craving the next knit. I also design and in 2010I stuck a tentative toe into the pattern producing pool. So far the water's fine and I'm gradually getting in deeper. Maybe I should share some of these adventures too. These are my trials and tribulations. I'm up for the challenge, after all - I've successfully raised two wonderful children, I cook, keep house and maintain a husband. I wouldn't trade any of it! I'm lucky my husband is an enabler of my ever-growing obsession. So join me, we can learn together. If you have a solution for one of my foibles , I encourage you to leave a comment and share your knowlege. Let's talk fibre and loops! My endeavours have all leaned towards right-brained activities lately and I'm loving every minute of it!