Octaboona Ambrosius - (Eater of the Octa Octa no Mi)

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Gender MALE
Occupation Poet
Location To the left of insanity and the right of a bemused fish
Introduction I am the 5467.8th member of The Munchkin Army. I suppose that I'm also an ominous purple gaseous ball and a poet of iridescent indigo
Interests Reading, Writing Poetry, Playing Trombone
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, Tangled, Rise of the Guardians
Favorite Music Coldplay, Murray Gold, Tom Lehrer
Favorite Books Skulduggery Pleasant, Pendragon Adventures, H.I.V.E, Artemis Fowl, The Inheritance Cycle, All Books by Garth Nix, The Edge Chronicles, The Children of The Red Knight, Harry Potter

If a munchkin were flying on the back of a giant elephant with the wings of a monkey the tongue of a dinosaur the giant elephant was wearing rollerskates with sparkly unicorn horns attached this were a world where air resistance could be up to 10% less CO2 and oxygen were neither present so the density of air also reduced the value of pi was the weight of a fish would chocolate taste the same? YES