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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Introduction Alexandra’s work combines elements of dream, memory, and childhood, as well as a love for nature. Each painting is a moment of a story, the details of which are left to the viewer to interpret through the lens of one’s individual personal experiences. Alexandra finds the creative process to be both grounding and therapeutic. Although there are many ways to create with encaustic, Alexandra’s work consists of original pen & ink/charcoal drawings, fused to an encaustic background and given several layers of the medium in order to give a particularly unique luminosity and depth to her work. Alexandra Petersen lives and works in SE Portland with her husband, and two awesome boys (as well as three dogs, who sincerely believe they are helping the creative process by being underfoot at all times when in the studio). Alexandra is currently represented by the J.Pepin gallery, 319 NW 9th Avenue (Portland, Oregon)
Interests Encaustic is a medium which consists of a mixture of beeswax and damar resin. I make my own encaustic from locally sourced beeswax, and sustainable resin product. Damar resin is harvested from trees similar to how maple trees are tapped for syrup production; no trees are damaged, and it it is a sustainable product.

ENCAUSTIC FAQ: Encaustic is a sustainable, organic media; The addition of damar resin enables encaustic to have a much higher melting temperature; You treat encaustic paintings just as you would any fine art. Keep away from sustained, direct sunlight, and do not expose to extreme temperatures.