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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Freelance Writer
Location United States
Introduction Chazra currently writes for Associated content, Subversify, Natural News, Squidoo, Constant Content, Muchkins Posse, Heretics Club, and her blog Chazra Sugar. she has been a ghost writer since 2004, and has an educational background in journalism and advertising.
Interests Books, introverted activities, cooking, cats, horses, engines, sports, writing, my friends, decorating and design, art, making art, medical anything, plants, food, exercise, snow, being organised, psychology, gardening, teaching others, kids, animals, hard work, LIFE!, asain stuff, mexican food, cooking, reading, art, sewing, accounting, mathemetics, journalism, marathon training, swimming, black and red, vibrant people, cats, dogs, horses, farm animals, wildlife, travel, snow sports, basketball, fitness, green living, organic living, being a tom-boy, music, guitar, piano, healthy living, innovation, clean renewable energy, introspection, history, science, medicine, writing, liturature, classical art, ecology, helping others
Favorite Movies I do like to watch movies
Favorite Music I LOVE Music!
Favorite Books I collect books, read books, books are better than food or flowers. Buy me a book and you will get brownie points!