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Location Southern, OH
Introduction I'm a wife of a deputy, mother of an all american boy! And now the mother of a sweet, giggling girl born August of 08! I totally dislike being a wife of a deputy (I know if you are in my position you can relate) I LOVE being the mother of the wild, wall climbing, every sport playing, skateboarding, bike riding, aggressive, happy, funny, witty, gorgeous boy. He makes my life! I love serving the Lord with all my heart and yes it is easier said than done. I love scrapbooking and card making. I work a 40 hr week job and live an extremly routine life. I'm moody and passionate. When I'm angry I want you dead, when I'm happy I love you more than life! I'm extreme in personality - either very quiet or very loud depends on where and what mood. This is my life. You don't want to live it, it only works for me.
Interests Scrapbooking, NFL football GO DALLAS!!Hiking, cooking, and weird as it is cleaning and organizing
Favorite Movies Secondhand lions, Dirty Dancing, Hitch, The Rookie, Miss Congeniality
Favorite Music I really like anything and everything from Christian, to classic rock, classical and bluegrass, folk, appalachian, hip-hop R&B and straight down and dirty blues HOWEVER Melissa Ethridge would be on the very top of my list
Favorite Books Don't have one. Once I read a book that's it - I can never read it again. I have read everybook Dean Koontz ever wrote up to about 2 years ago.

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Silverware? Heck that's what fingers are for right? I'm such a hick!