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Occupation sales/ wannabe make up artist!
Location lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Hi there ladies, welcome to my little corner of the tinternet! I'm just a normal, down to earth and slightly clumsy girly girl who loves nattering about make-up and all things prettiful. So enjoy the journey people!
Interests Well what can i say; my main intrest would have to be my boyfriend (currently serving his country in Afghanistan at the moment) i'm incrediably pround and honour to be a part of his life hence why hes a big intrest plus he's hot so that helps! lol. I have a passion for netball which gets my attention about twice a week (whether im good at it is another matter!). Being creative is another big part of my life and since leaving art college iv been despritly trying to discover what my life purpose career wise is....untill now (what this space!)
Favorite Movies Tricky one but i'd have to say: dirty dancing (R.I.P patric), beauty and the beast, gone in 60 seconds, underworld, the notebook and possibly transporter (it may possibly have something to do with jason statham but id have to watch it again to tell you for sure :).
Favorite Music 80's classics obviously with afew modern pop, hip hop and R&B thrown in there (American Anthems is a top triple disker for good tunes, also kylie's new album is quite good!)
Favorite Books Can't really remember the last time i had a chance to sit down and read but i have been having a bash at a bio by doug beatie called "an ordianry soldier", very insightful!