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Gender Female
Occupation Student
Introduction I like Oreo. Hence the name. I am an awkward, perverted person who hates washing dishes and all types of chores. In love with food, music and social media. I'd like to be good at singing, martial arts and beatboxing but I'm not. At all. And I'm too lazy to change that. I love PewDiePie. I believe he is very fabulous and so am I *hair flip*. In case you're curious as to what I actually do with my life, I am currently an A level student studying to become a doctor someday. True Story.
Interests Kpop, Basketball, Dancing, Writing, Sketching, Gaming, Surfing Web
Favorite Movies I don't watch many movies tbh, A Miracle in Cell No. 7, A Werewolf Boy, White: The Melody of The Curse, Step Up: All In, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Basically every animated movie
Favorite Music 9Muses, EXO, BtoB, Block B, EXID, Orange Caramel, 4MINUTE, Teen Top, BTS, Ladies' Code
Favorite Books Books are for the weak