About me

Gender MALE
Location Newfoundland and Labrador
Introduction In Newfoundland you have a choice, Habs or Leafs, and I believe I chose wisely. I remember growing up with a large part of my extended family in walking distance, enough to get a good game of street hockey going. It was then, during my battles to be Mats Naslund for the next hour or so, that my love for the Canadiens was born. Not old enough to remember the great teams of the seventies, I vaguely remember the run to the cup in '86 and fondly remember their runs in '89 and '93. I have followed the Canadiens through thick and thin. I remember the Lions of Winter waking up in 1993. Ron MacLean speaking with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" playing in the background at the beginning of game 5. "The best team over the course of time has been the best team in overtime." It was looking for that quote that led me to the Lions in Winter blog. I love the format, I loved the debates, and I am honoured to help bring it back to life.