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Occupation Writer
Location Texas
Introduction I'm a writer. Don't piss me off or I will write you into one of my books and kill you. Or I might use my journalist's pen to change your whole life's profile. Even worse, I have technical writing skills. So I can bore you to death. Seriously, though. I am a writer. Not just by trade but by soul. It's a lot like having schizophrenia. So many lives inside my head, worlds that I cannot reach in my mortal form. My job is to create a portal through which others can visit. They are not just fictional worlds, although those are my choice destinations. Rather, they are places of thought and feeling and experience. I might write an advice column or a how-to article. I do a lot of technical writing, so perhaps you are using a product that I am instructing you on how to use. I love what I do, but I don't expect everyone to love my work. If you're not interested in fictional characters or you don't like what I have to say, I respect that. But this is who I am, so if you're interested, you are more than welcome to join me.
Interests Reading, writing, video games, reading, anime, linguistic study, ancient and obsolete languages, reading, chocolate, coffee, oh and reading.
Favorite Movies Harry Potter, Golden Compass, Soul Food, Now and Then . . . I mean, there are a lot.
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Pendragon, His Dark Materials, Tomorrow When the War began....oh why not just ask me to name all the cells in my body? It would be a shorter list.

Random Question: If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?