Pam Kohler

About me

Introduction Christian, Conservative, American woman. I am awake and aware of the state of my country, and am determined to stand up for what I believe in. I will boldly proclaim the Truth of my Faith, and share the journey that my Lord is taking me on. I am not afraid to challenge old OR new belief systems, always using the Holy Scripture as my guide. I am firmly committed to being "in the world", but not "of the world". There is a purpose for my life, and I am determined to fulfill it. Join me on this journey in this crazy world, and let's see where God takes us!
Interests Christianity; Survival/Preparedness; Retaining our unique American heritage; Helping people to overcome their fears about the future; Helping people to be set free from bondage through the Power and Authority of Jesus Christ.
Favorite Books The Bible, Dare to Prepare, The Matthew Bracken Trilogy, A Leap In The Dark, Two Hours to Freedom, I Give You Authority