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Gender Female
Industry Education
Occupation Holding together an old Fashioned family
Location Saraland, DeepSouth, United States
Introduction I'm a follower of Jesus, though I stumble often. I may be all soft and fuzzy looking, but I have several sets of sharp double pointed thingies, and I am capable of using them with little provocation.
Interests Wifing, Mothering, Knitting, Bibliofiling and educating the munchkins into responsible free thinkers and more whatnot
Favorite Movies Currently the Lost season DVD's are floating my knitterly boat. I like having something continuous on whilst I needle away. Lord of the Rings was killing me as I'd had it on WAY too much. Shaun of the Dead gets me through the boring parts of a sock, as well as the Muppets. Dude, Muppets are still just as awesome and now I can have them by full season sets. Whoot! I would be remiss if I did not include the Pirates trilogy as well.
Favorite Music Fun. Diggable. Nothing depressing or self loathing. Give me life, stop singing about death.
Favorite Books For my non-fiction, the book of Daniel, immediately followed by James and Revelation. Totally intense. For abit o romance I kick it over to Ruth or the song of soloman, but I really get more into the prophetic books. For my fiction, Joel C Rosenburgs series starting with the Last Jihad. Can. Not. Put. Down. The. Books. And of course, my ever growing knitting section and my beloved comic book collection.

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

My cell phone charger.....but then, WHO is going to call me on my cell phone when I'm on the moon? Besides my mom that is.