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Gender MALE
Occupation Problem Solver
Location The Keys, Florida, United States
Introduction In the mid-to-late 1950's, I received an early advanced warning that our humantity would be reaching the crisis that currently we are in. I resolved to try to have something useful to say or helpful to offer when this time came. (Meanwhile, studying theater in the mid-to-late 1960's, I discovered I had a rare gift for solving performers' problems.) In 1975, I analysed humanity's situation for a possible solution. The result was the Three Assumptions/Truths and the Five School Requirements discussed in The Built-In Solution. Between mid-1975 and mid 1980, I questioned and examined the widest possible variety of trainings, schools, and traditions to see if any of them could meet the Five Requirements. I found only one possibility in 1977. I now refer to as "The School." By mid-1980 I was satisfied of the validity of this school and was ready and willing to present my findings. What I discovered was that I was not able to deal with the pressures of making such a public presentation. So I focused next on strengthening and clarifying myself, primarily with the tools of The School. Now I am able to proceed, and am doing so.
Favorite Movies Bull Durham, The Thomas Crown Affair (2nd)
Favorite Books The Nero Wolfe Detective Series, by Rex Stout; the Horatio Hornblower Series, by C.S.Forester