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Location Glasgow, United Kingdom
Interests I LOVE....MY FRIENDS, music, NEW YORK CITY, travelling - exploring new places and feeling comfortable in fave spots, food, laughing, the east village NYC, being drunk, going to gigs, mojitos, sunny days in the park, the transport museum, steaks, wondering in NYC, vodka, unicorns, colours, east 7th street, sitting in times square, fantasy lands, picnics, reading a good book, bus trips - chinese and greyhound, make-up, boardwalks, niagara falls, pizza, cowboy boots, Atlantic city, fringes on boots, photographs, all the good times in the candystore, sunshine, sitting at a bar, travel books, ben and jerrys ice cream, American Indians, peep costumes, jewellery, building sandcastles, family gatherings, decking, having a tan, photo collages, lelawala, the Chelsea hotel, being at the sea, beer, tompkins square park, Britney, Glasgow, caravan club, long lies, days with no work, going backstage, dance parties, the South of France, aquariums and zoos, Halloween, rock and roll hall of fame, notebooks, cheese, cupcakes, dream catchers, seeing animals in the wild, central park, kylie, snacks, snow, staying up all night chatting, having no obligations, kissing, listening to a song i love over and over, peacock feathers, tattoos, wearing lots of jewels, swimming pools, Christmas, olive garden, hotel room parties........