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Introduction I am Flossie, and this is my blog. If you are looking for a blog with tips for staying organized, how-to’s on cute craft projects or parental advice, let me know when you find a good one. However, if you are in the mood for a blog that chronicles how we are figuring out this parenting thing one mistake at a time and discusses bodily function just a tad too much, then WELCOME! I am married to Shawn. He is my best friend, my lifeline and occasionally causes the wrinkle between my eyes to pop out. Our home includes Sam, our fruit-eating, clothes-stripping, outside-playing son; Sydney, our sticks-her-tongue-out-when-she-smiles, belly-laughing, red-headed daughter; Molly, our 75-pound-thinks-she's-a-toddler dog; and some cats. (Sorry, cats...I couldn't really think of very many nice things to say about you. They're good hunters. And shedders. There you go.) Come along with us on this journey we call life and share in the madness.
Interests Traveling to places unknown (tropical destinations are preferred), baking things that will make one fat (Paula Deen can do no wrong), reading non-educational books (bonus for me if combined with the whole tropical thing), and aspiring to be the best mommy and wife I can be.