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Gender MALE
Location Victoria, BC, Canada
Introduction Hi! I am a lab/shepherd/chow(?) mix who was born into an unhealthy and abusive environment. For eight months, fear was the only emotion I knew. Then one day I was miraculously rescued by the wonderful volunteers of Victoria Adoptables. For the first time in my life, I experienced a wonderful new environment that was stable and loving.

But my emotional scars ran deep. My fear of men was already deep-rooted and I lacked confidence. Thanks to the amazing support I received, I started to realize that people here don't want to hurt me and that I can trust them. I started to overcome my fears, and enjoy my new life.

When I was almost ten months old, I was adopted into my permanent home. I was scared at first, but my new parents love me too, and now we get along great! Despite the hard times, I still believe in people and just want to make people happy. All I needed was the chance!!
Interests Playing with my ball, playing with sticks, squirrels, rabbits, other dogs, eating, sleeping, hiking, swimming, digging, car rides, learning, blogging.