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Occupation bon vivants with an opinion
Introduction We pay homage to the Thin Man series of films from the 1930s in which William Powell (Nick) and Myrna Loy (Nora)solve mysteries with style, humour and a martini. We explore the mysteries of human behaviour as revealed in politics, media and entertainment (and whatever else catches our fancy).
Interests Books, Camping, Cocktails, Each Other, Family, Film, Friends, Food, Games, History, Life, Media, News, People-watching, Politics, Religion, Television
Favorite Movies The Thin Man series (of course), It's a Wonderful Life, Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, The X-Files, The Shop Around The Corner, almost all the James Bond franchise, The Avengers TV series, Alfred Hitchcock, The BBC's What Not To Wear (a guilty pleasure)
Favorite Music Classical, 80s pop and techno, contemporary pop and techno
Favorite Books The Magus by John Fowles, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Bible by various authors, Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

When sending out our wedding invitations.