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Gender Female
Occupation Writer/Contractor
Location Highland, Indiana, USA
Introduction Fan-Girl, love to socialize,but require solitude as well. Married with cats, blogger, technology junkie, and maker of prose piles soon to be books.
Interests Religion/Mythology, History, Biology, Anthropology, Western Astrology, Nature, Forensic Science, "Headology", Science Fiction/Fantasy, Foibles, Mysteries, Language and Linguistics, CGI/Computer Art, UNIX-like operating systems
Favorite Movies In no particular order: Dead Again, The Fisher King, The Cell (unrepentant D'Onofrio Fan), Happy Accidents (Ditto), Lady Hawk, The Never Ending Story, Inside Man (fan of Denzel Washington, too), Deja Vu, Big Hero 6, UP, Pretty much anything Avengers Ever, Blazing Saddles, The Thin Man (series) etc...
Favorite Music Techno, Trance, and Ambient; Many kinds of Classical Music, Blue Grass/Zidago. some New Age Music, (like Manheim Steam Roller), Celtic Folk (EG. Bothy Band and The Pogues), some Undefinable Fusion bands like Corvus Corax, Dead Can Dance, ThouShaltNot, and Qntal. Let's not forget Cruxshadows, for which I named one of my blogs. Sorta. Oh, and Some Darkwave like Rasputina, etc.
Favorite Books Try Favorite Authors: Neil Stephenson, Tim Powers, Laurie King, Navada Barr, Terry Pratchett, John Crowley, Charles DeLint, Tad Williams, Melissa Scott, Eric Flint, Dorthy Sayers, Patricia Murphy... David Webber, Larry Correia, and Andrew Klavan. And a shout-out my indie buds Sarah Hoyt, Declan Finn, Karina Fabian, Kia Heavey...

You moved the pot before the coffee stopped brewing. Do you smell the mountains or the burro?

I smell the steam from the high Andies-- because I usually brew tea.