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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation It's Complicated...
Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Introduction The International Martini Assassin!

Writer. Photographer. Journalist. Nightlife + Cocktail Guru. Bon Vivant. One man PR machine. Event Planner/Producer/Promoter. Lover. Fighter. Artist. Actor. Mixologist. Adventurer. Gambler. Patron of the Arts. Philanthropist. Marketing Genius. Man about town!
Former "almost famous" Rock Star.
Former "discovered" then unfilmed actor.

Posting adventures mostly from west of the Mississippi. The great Southwest, Vegas, Los Angeles & more! Living it up, getting around,sometimes reminiscing with my own unique perspective. Enjoying the finer things in life whenever possible. I work hard, so I play hard. Rock on!
Interests Friday night, socializing, film, music, writing, art, fashion, sleep sometimes, shopping, aliens, driving a fast car, gambling, travel, law, religions of the world. (Sometimes I even leave the big city for some camping and fishing.) Cufflinks, pocket squares, exotic liquors, cigars, Wasabi, the mysteries of the universe, baby animals. The sounds my sinuses make in Spring, guns, serial killers, insanity, the technical workings of a photon laser, world domination.
Favorite Movies This is a toughie... I like a lot of old black & white movies for starters... we'll skip that list with the exceptions of Night of the Hunter, To Kill a Mockingbird, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, & On The Waterfront. Oops... 3:10 to Yuma(yes, the original) Every old Clint Eastwood western, hell Dirty Harry too! I just watched Hang Em High again- awesome. O.K. here we go... not in any order! Godfather I & II ( I have the boxed set of all 3) Taxi Driver Reservoir Dogs Casino Goodfellas Raging Bull, Dirty Harry/ Josey Wales, What about Fistful of Dollars? For a Few Dollars More? From Dusk Till Dawn! Dog Day Afternoon, Witches of Eastwick, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Get shorty, & Be Cool ? The Shining, 2 1/2 Days in the Valley, Swimming with Sharks, The LadyKillers, The Departed All the OLD Bond movies! (60s-70s) There are a lot of good movies I won't list because I'll be here all day! I'm into independent films a lot lately too...
Favorite Music Everything from Frank & Dino to Whatever came out yesterday. Oh- let's not forget The Rolling Stones, The Doors, & the hottest band in the world...KISS! Yah, some classic rock I haven't updated this lately... but what's the point? It'll end up taking my whole page over! What's in the pile next to or in my disc changer right now? Elvis Presley, Priest, Raconteurs, The Killers, Elvis Costello, Zeppelin remaster, Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Miles Davis, Billy Joel. Car? The Cars! and GnR, and Duran Duran and some gangsta rap, and some crazy mixed CDs. What's that Martini Mike? No country? OK, I do like some country. Johnny, Waylon, Willie... ya know...old folks.
Favorite Books Almost done writing 2 novels at this time (they go together), 3rd one (unrelated) 1/2 written! Two other book projects in development. Published poet since 1989? SEVERAL books ready to publish at this time! Recipe books, cocktail books, and photography books on the "to do" list. Recently read James Frey- My Friend Leonard Now reading: Lots of magazines... I'm busy! TRYING to find time to read... Wine for Dummies Encyclopedia of Hell Can never get enough Bukowski Lot's of true crime Lots of food & drink