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Introduction These are the stories of my life in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The names have not been changed. My focus will be on all the classmates and teachers I encountered over the years. To the best of my knowledge, everything I write here is true. However I admit that some things may not be. If I have another source, I will do my best to name that source. However, secondhand information is not always accurate. If I've made a mistake, please tell me. I never considered myself to be a true member of Washington High School's class of 1989. But I was, in name only. I mean no malice or carry no grudges to anyone I write about. This blog is for me and me alone. These are my opinions. They may not be facts. However, I will never knowingly post something that is false. This is my point of view of my former classmates. On the off chance that anyone I write about happens to see any of this, and are offended, dont be! These are simply my opinions based on experiences from many years ago. My opinions are not a reflection on who you are now or who you were then. Besides, people can change. The pricks of yesteryear may be the saints of today - and vice versa. Welcome to my mind.
Interests By all means, feel free to login and leave comments of your own. Whether you're a member of the class of 1989, 1990, any class, friend of someone mentioned here, or just someone who enjoys reading it. All comments are welcome. If you think I was bashing someone, and don't appreciate it, don't be afraid to tell me! My opinions from 20+ years ago aren't facts. If you disagree with something, let's hear about it! Of course if you want to keep it privare, just E-mail me at BUSTERKOONS@YAHOO.COM. If you want to post a comment anonymously (like many have) E-mail it to me. I'll be happy to post it for you, without revealing your name. Can someone tell me why commas don't work in this interest section?