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Industry Student
Occupation Miss Nevy's Starfishy
Location Frankfurt, Second Life
Introduction ♕Mes habs a puppy names Maxie ans a copdog named Rufus that pwotects mes fwom meanie peoplews. ♫Mes lubs music ans mobies. ஃMes fabowite colows is pink, lilacs, minty, sky blue ans peachy. ❤Mes lubs mes fwiends ans fameleh. ✎Mes goes to OSE ans is a Rainbow Helper Scout. ஜMes a shopaholics (Yay! fows 50L Fwiday) ツMes outspokens but mes cans be shy sometimes. ☞Mes speaks mes minds but mes means wells. ❀Mes likes to dos cwazy funs stuff. €Mes charges 20L per bad wowd its said arounds mes. ☂Mes lubs it when it rains. ☠Mes hates bullies and hypocwates.