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Introduction Hello and welcome! I'm Crystal - the sole creator and maintainer of this site. I started the webpage in 1998 - just before the turn of the millenium, when everyone was talking about the disasters that were coming.

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Interests I started following the natural disasters in the late 1990's when there was so much concern about the predictions that the natural disasters would increase and the world would come to an end! So I figured that I had better find out exactly how many disasters were occurring 'normally' so that I could tell if they were actually increasing! After a year I decided that I should share the links and info that I was monitoring, for there were no doubt other people looking for the same info, and I could make it easier for them since I was already doing the looking and searching. So the Global Disaster Watch webpage was born in 1998 on Angelfire, as an off-shoot of my then main page "Crystal's Ball Predictions and Prophecy" page. (I go by Crystal, but my given name is Lori.) The pages migrated to ATT Home Pages as I got annoyed with all the ads on Angelfire. Eventually ATT discontinued their home pages and I had to move the pages to BlogSpot. The Prediction and Prophesy page seemed dated at that time, as the millennium had passed, and although the number of natural disasters HAD increased, the world had survived! Predictions of complete doom were wrong (which was the conclusion that my webpage had drawn - that the ancient prophets were not predicting total doom for the millennium, just hard times and major upheavals.) I have not put in the effort to resurrect the Predictions page, although I may do so in the future as it had some nice resources linked to it.
Favorite Movies I had 5 million hits between Angelfire and ATT when I moved the page in 2009. Since then BlogSpot has just about hit 2 million hits as of summer 2013. I have just secured the URL and may link the old Angelfire info up to that site. So I still have a lot of construction to do in the future, if the disasters would slow down I wouldn't have to spend all my time just collecting and posting all of that info! Visitors to the page come from all around the world - and are intelligent and curious about the world. Researchers have used the archived pages for finding info that has disappeared off the news sites. First responders come to get an overview of where things are happening and where they may be called to duty next. Teachers have used the page in their classrooms and have built geography and other lessons around the page info. Insurance and security companies come here to see where resources may be needed next and to develop plans for keeping customers and their property safe. The heart of the webpage visitors are the 'regular' people who, like me, are looking and learning about what is happening around us; who feel it's important not to close our eyes to the potential dangers just because it may be frightening, but instead believe that knowledge is power and in knowledge is safety. So hats off to all of you who are brave enough and care enough to look for the whole story of what is happening around the world - I salute you!