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Gender MALE
Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Introduction One who calls himself a Neo-Brahmin
Will not follow rules which have no meaning
He is the catalyst for new renaissance in making
Believe me, I am not lying

Do this do that , ohh no no
Our ancestors, kept on saying so
What caste, What creed, What Pride
Where are those people, Yes they died.

All these days, he was not hiding
Out the cocoon, now flapping his wings
He is free from birth, death can't kill him
He just had a new beginning

Believer in communist philosophy
Dislikes beef eating society
Now practicing Tao-Te-Ching
Likes people around him to be smiling

But, Now I have a feeling that you are laughing
are you laughing? (ha ha ha)
Just carry on, on N on
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