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Introduction AD is a clever little name that my friends decided to give my strategies because I have so many alts that they couldn't pick one they chose letters from each name. I have played this game since closed beta, and I have always enjoyed pvp. I was one of those people who were at XR and SS/TM day one of the release of the first pvp system on WoW. I started as an alliance PvE server because it was suggested to me. I learned of some friends of mine who played a horde pvp server, and so I switched and immediately fell in love. That server died. I am now on Nathrezim, and I love it even more. We have wanted posts, and premades constantly, as well as amazing arena teams. I hope you enjoy this website. People seem to love these strategies when they work, the problem is that no one sticks around long enough for them to really carry on. So, I got burnt out re-explaining them. Hence....this blog. Feel free to spread these strategies around.