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Introduction I should have been born in the mid to late 30's. Cooking and cleaning in heels is so much fun. Such a 50's throwback I am... I used to wear a lot (A LOT) of makeup when I lived with trannies, and I partied and danced like every night was my last. These days I'm pretty content with hot baths and movie nights. I still love the art of drag though (but I'm a REAL lady.) Tokyo meets St.Lazare pretty much says it all.
Interests hot sauce.putting my collar up and hiding behind my bangs. flashbulbs. tattoos. schizophrenia. Michael Hussar. surgery. synesthesia. modifying my body until i'm unrecognizable. models. after hours. tangled hair. falling in hate. Banksy. pinup girls. sailor jerry. wearing too much makeup. not wearing enough makeup. it throws people off. sick amounts of salt on my salad. soup with bread. making you fall in love with me. you're dead. scars. pyramids and tombs. altering my consciousness. expanding my consciousness. paparazzi. really cute things like babies, bunnis and cupcakes. watching car accidents, autopsies, amputations, and executions. panic. panic. panic. frowning at the camera. staring at people's eyelashes. honey and cinnamon in my coffee. faking it. punishment. watching you bleed. using my outdoor voice inside. taking vows of silence.
Favorite Music i like everything from old punk and psychobilly to classical (strings and clarinets esp.) Mexican punk. la resistencia . los gatos locos. parisian punk fucking rock. oi! psychobilly. GUTTER DEMONS holy hell do i love them. they remind me of taking walks in the summer and dancing to them on my mp3 player. every time i hear them i just wanna jog it out and smile like a maniac. Horrorpops are tasty. GBH. they make me angry in a really good way. The Pierces, Dresden Dolls, Die Mannequin, Turbonegro, M.I.A., The Spookshow, Los Rowdymen, Tiger Army, 12 STEP REBELS, A Fine Frenzy, Sonic Youth, Buck65, Gogol Bordello, Placebo, Rancid, Marilyn Manson, ladytron, Metric, Blood For Blood. Transplants. Swingin' Utters. Everlast. Amid Valhalla, Cat Power, Dropkick Murphy's. The Johnstones. Common. Dan Bern, Manic Street Preachers, Superchick. Old No Doubt. acoustic guitars. jazz like nina simone but unremixed for the gay bar..20's cigar girl smoky jazz. Vaudeville. Concrete Blond. The Stranglers. Shai Hulud. The Nekromantix. Dilinger Escape Plan. Dan Bern. Hank I, II, III. breakbeats. acid jazz. rap. like jeezy and rick ross, because he's the boss. intelligent dudes like slug from atmosphere. straight up gangsta shit. Clutchy Hopkins vs. MF DOOM. Pip Skid. Birdapres. McEnroe. TV ON THE RADIO. any artist who breaks down stereotypes and smashes genres. kate nash. the streets. people who keep their british accent while they sing/rap deserve a high five. country, but only of the tom waits/buck65/johnny cash variety. angry ass punk shit that makes you wanna punch a wall. electro..string ensembles..classical piano (when it's raining out). skinhead girls with raspy whiskey voices who sing (scream) songs about drinking in gutters..
Favorite Books DanceDanceDance-Haruki Murakami. Girlfriend in a Coma-Douglas Coupland. Wasted-Marya Hornbacher. Skinny-Ibi Kaslik. The Candy Darlings-Christine Walde. The Bell Jar-Sylvia Plath. The Rules of Attraction-Bret Easton Ellis. The Psychonaut's Guide to the Universe-Dan Carpenter.