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Occupation justice & self-determination
Location 灣區 ﹣舊金山 ﹠屋崙, 美國加州
Introduction WT-No! is a collaboration between Bay Area-based organizations including Chinese Progressive Association (華人進步會), Chin Jurn Wor Ping (前進和平), National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and the Korean Community Center of the East Bay; and nationally, with the Garment Workers Center in Los Angeles, Organizing Asian Communities (CAAAV) in New York, and Community Organizing Committee (CYOC) in Philadelphia.
Interests radical politics, direct action, working families, immigrant rights, refugee rights, WTO protests, culture & revolution, media & justice, talking story, refugee rights
Favorite Movies Zapatista, The Battle of Seattle, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, This is What Democracy Looks Like, Why the WTO is Really Bad For You, Fall of the I-Hotel, Chinatown Files, Fourth World War
Favorite Music Keep Ya Head Up, Your Revolution (Sarah Jones remix), 龍的船人
Favorite Books How to Keep Stupid White Men Out of Office