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Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction "Everyone knows about Mad Cat Lady. She's a social cliche,a cautionary tale." "In truth, as a stereotype she seems a little unfair" ( Tom Cox "Under The Paw" Pub. Simon and Schuster 2008.....thanks, Tom!) It's my mission to reclaim Cat Love from the exclusive domain of MCL - although she has her place - and remind folks that of the 9 MILLION pet cats currently in the UK, most of them are owned by sane, and largely rational people.....of both sexes! I've owned and run Cat Calls for the past 16 years.It's a fabulous way to earn a living, learning and constantly changing.Along the way I meet so many interesting people and their cats. My work-time support team include Pennie Hedge, Lucy and John Barrett ( all former customers ) and Maggie Kenny,Drew Wegg and Alex Bremner all of whose names you'll see if you read further.Although I work pretty exclusively with cats, I'm also a long-term horse-ophile, and love dogs too - though I don't have the time or the space to own a dog in London.
Interests Learning, learning, learning! About cats, cat care, business, horses, Wildlife, Nature, Art, books, fact, pretty much a Q.I. junkie and HUGE fan of the Saintly Steven Fry!
Favorite Movies Terminator 1 - the Original...forget Arnie, it's hero Kyle Reece for me...
Favorite Music eclectic....but includes a deeply ingrained love for Ozzy Osbourne....
Favorite Books "Hawksmoor" by Peter Ackroyd, "Blackberry Wine" by Joanne Harris

When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?

I tried.....