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Industry Student
Location Merced
Introduction I will definitely write on this blog more often. I have been contemplating about whether or not I should create one, but a las I am here; writing my mind out, expressing myself, and above all I just want to improve my writing.
Interests Video Games, Books, Social Justice, Philosophy, Chicana/o History
Favorite Movies Spirited Away, The Count of Monte Cristo, Ponyo, Origins: Spirits of the Past, You've Got Mail, Sex and the City the Movie
Favorite Music Immortal Technique, KRS-ONE, Gangstarr
Favorite Books Living the Chicana Theory, A Bridge Called My Back, War of A Thousand Deserts, Under The Jaws of Victory, Braceros, Comanches

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

Who the hell makes up these questions? Lets see, a goat and a slinky, I do not know if that is anatomically possible. Shoot if I am trapped might as well put the goat to use right? I will eat that sucker and use the slinky as entertainment. Once I have finished using the goat as sustenance, I will latch onto something using the slinky and swing myself upward to safety…somehow.