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Occupation Homemaker
Location New Braunfels, Texas, United States
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Introduction We are your basic, normal family with more craziness in one week, then most have in a life time, but those make for some of the grestest and worst memories one could have. Being madly in love doesn't even begin to cover the love we share for each other, our family, and our God. This is us, this is who we our, we are just Simply The Cox's...
Interests Oh we have many, picking a few would be hard, we really like to do alot of things, having the time or money to do them now that's another question.
Favorite Movies We have many favorite movies, a few to include are: Dumb and Dumber, Kill Bill Vol 1&2, The Princess Bride, Hitch, and Clayton's all time favorite would be MEAN GIRLS!!!
Favorite Music We listen to a wide selection of music ranging from country all the way to classic, with the expectation of Rap, Hip Hop, and a few others.
Favorite Books I just love all the Shopalic books there great, anything by Sophie Kingston she is just a great writter. The Bible and Book of Mormon are two of our favorites as well.

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

Live life to the fullest, and always walk holding your head up high, never holding it down, if it's down then you've missed your life.