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Industry Biotech
Occupation Medical Device PIMP
Location Wishing for Mountains, Midwest, United States
Introduction Sarcasm and stretch clothing are my friends as well as many many patient people that seem to understand the tatterings of a gemini with ADD. I am blessed and am on a mission of deep, deep not too deep still wanna touch the bottom, desire to change just about everything.
Interests investing, thinking, laughing, smiling, winking, seeking foot massages for me, science, sales, children, writing, day dreaming, list making, painting, emotional development, keeping my inner child completely spoiled.
Favorite Movies Old Yeller, Where the red Fern Grows, My Life, and anything with Jack Black or Vince Vaughn, so yummy for me to view! My husbands this but he's a Christina Applegate fan and I'm a chubby brunette?? Weird right?
Favorite Music The music I find most enjoyable is the kind that I can snap, shake, wiggle and giggle to...just about all of it one way or another.
Favorite Books Self Help books because I'm always wondering just how screwed up they were to have to sit down and write it out.

If your whole body were a hot air balloon, would you stop eating spicy food?

HMMM I stopped eating really spicy food when my ma fed me tabasco sauce instead of dove soap when I was naughty. You should see me in the salsa isle just breakin' a sweat...flash backn' a lil!