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Industry Arts
Occupation Self Employed
Location Mountains of the 4 corners area of the SW
Introduction Raised in the Midwest as oldest of 8 in a wonderful family of values. Learned about freedom, politics, and responsibility in all things including our liberties. I have a BA degree in Political Science, worked as a legislative researcher and analyst for the Wa.state house of reps for 3 years and learned how to research and extract facts from all points of view without carrying the bias with the information that was factual. Also have a masters in Finance, with a minor in macro economics. That gives me the ability to see what is going on at a macro level and big picture perspective with all the tie ins from different fields and areas of concern in this march toward tyranny we are on. I love my country, my fellow Americans whom I see as creative, adaptable and courageous as a rule, but also judicious. Even though armed they prefer to affect change through the system they have kept in tact til recently with a deep understanding that evil is running rampid in our country like never before.
Interests Obviously, Politics, freedom, peace, community, art, reading, economics, spiritual work, White water rafting, hiking, camping, and knowledge, both self an other. Science is a hobby as is cooking.
Favorite Movies "Dune", the 1984 version, Star Wars, all 3 epidsodes with special emphasis on the "Empire Strikes Back" and "Contact" due to the message that we are our only limitation to what we can do to change the world. "Loose Change", "9/11 Mysteries" "9/11 In Plane Site", "Wall STreet" with Michael Douglas, "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson, "Soldier" with Kurt Russell (a scary movie showing what can happen when the state takes over the education of our children)
Favorite Music Maire Brennan, and Enya, both Celtic singers and some of it sung in Gaelic. Old sixties music of protest and rebellion such as that sung by Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Peter Paul and Mary, especially "Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing".
Favorite Books Estulins book "The Bildebergs", "The Creature from Jeckell Island", by Griffin, "Behold a Pale Horse" by Cooper, "The Unseen Hand" by Ralph Epperson, and a variety of spiritual books.